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Everybody has stories ... but how do you find the one that will open the door to the college of your choice?

If you feel overwhelmed by the Common App essay, why not let a professional journalist interview you and help find the one story that only you can tell? After agreeing on that story, I will help you craft it in the most compelling way possible.

It is often challenging for students to have a perspective about their own lives, especially if there are too many helpful people weighing in:  teachers, guidance counselors, parents, grandparents. Who to listen to? Where to start? Who has the best expertise in crafting an unforgettable narrative?

I would love to hear yours.

Daphne White is an award-winning journalist with decades of experience in ferreting out those stories that lie just beneath the surface.

As a coach, Daphne specializes in exposing diamonds in the rough. Common App essays don’t need to be about Big Things: the first 10 essay ideas you come up with have already spawned tens of thousands of essays.

A winning essay can focus on something small — one day, one event, one person — and reveal something unexpected and uniquely memorable about that Small Thing. So avoid “How I Spent My Summer Vacation Helping Poor Children in Mexico” and focus on “What I Learned About People While Riding BART.”

The best essays I have read involve small but poignant moments: a heart-to-heart talk with a stranger while waiting in line for a rock concert. The smell of a particular curry that exists only at one grandmother’s house. The challenge of remembering innumerable cousins with interchangeable names who show up en masse just once a year. (Was that Chris or Chaz or Colin?)

College admissions officers read thousands of essays each year, and most meld into each other without leaving a trace. If you want your essay to stand out — and help land you a coveted spot at the college of your choice — call today and let’s start the journey together.

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