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Daphne White

Professional Writer & Coach

Daphne White is that rare essay coach who is not a fiction writer or former English teacher, but someone who specializes in the art of the interview. Daphne has interviewed a Pulitzer Prize winner; authors of best-selling books; founders of international organizations, and many others. With each interview, she quickly dispenses with the scripted answers that her famous subjects know so well, and digs to a deeper, unexpected level. The hidden story is worth waiting for.

Those same techniques — persistence, patience and follow-through — apply when interviewing students. Often, a student arrives with an essay that they deem “finished.” In almost every case, that essay is just a starting point for further exploration.

The Common App requires a level of introspection and vulnerability that is not taught in high school writing classes. As a journalist, it took me years to perfect the art of the personal essay. I share those hard-won skills with my students.

Daphne’s personal essays, articles and op-ed pieces have appeared in The Washington Post, Newsweek, Hemispheres (The United Airlines Magazine), Foundation News & Commentary, National Wildlife Magazine and many others. She is currently an author with berkeleyside.com. Her article on linguist George Lakoff went viral, and received over 450,000 views at last count. It was also highlighted in a New York Times round-up story (scroll to the very bottom section called “From the Center”).

Two of Daphne’s persuasive essays have been reprinted in college textbooks used internationally to teach writing skills: Read, Reason, Write (Sixth Edition, McGraw Hill) and Reading Keys (MacMillan). She edited a book on the economics of education for The World Bank, and was editor of the monthly On Campus, published by the American Federation of Teachers.

A graduate of Brown University, Daphne speaks several languages and holds a degree in Comparative Literature. She served as a volunteer interviewer for the Brown admissions office for several years.

Daphne is the founder and former executive director of The Lion & Lamb Project, a national nonprofit organization that was based in the Washington, DC area. Daphne has worked on several nonprofit boards, including the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association. She loves walking, dancing, practicing yoga, gardening, reading and traveling.

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