Daphne White has lived on three continents and reported from three regions of the U.S.:  the South (Atlanta), the East Coast (Washington, DC), and the West (Berkeley, CA). Her articles have appeared in The Washington Post, Hemispheres (United Airlines); Foundation News & Commentary; National Wildlife; The Christian Science Monitor and elsewhere. She is now a contributing author at Berkeleyside.com in Berkeley, CA.

Daphne wrote about environmental justice in the 1990s; about the healing power of gardens before that research was widely known; and about the plight of indigenous people in Hawaii when that issue was rarely covered.

Journalism was Daphne’s first and current passion, but she has taken two professional detours that have given her a wider experience and a deeper understanding of people and politics. As the founder and executive director of a small national nonprofit organization, Daphne testified before Congressional committees and was interviewed on national radio and TV shows. She was awarded a “Citizen Cool” award from Ben & Jerry’s, and was invited to speak at several national conferences.

Daphne appeared at a Senate hearing that took place a week after the Columbine shootings, and had the out-of-body experience of handing out copies of her testimony to reporters at the press table, where she herself used to sit. She had the rare experience of living on both sides of the microphone, and quickly learned that she much preferred asking questions to answering them.

After 10 years at the nonprofit, and suffering from severe burn-out, Daphne decided to explore a totally different realm of experience. She became certified in both Healing Touch and Somatic Experiencing (trauma release). Her under-standing of the effects of trauma on memory and the body totally transformed the way she now conducts interviews: she listens for the silences, reads body language, and asks the deeper questions that often lead to unexpected places.

Daphne loves languages and has conducted interviews in English, French, Spanish and Hebrew. For her trips abroad, she also taught herself some Italian and basic Hindi. She has had entire conversations across language and culture barriers using simply eyes, hands and heart.

At Berkeleyside, she interviews thought-leaders and covers nonprofits and community issues. She has interviewed Daniel Ellsberg, George Lakoff, Arlie Hochschild and Dacher Keltner, among others. She very much enjoys living outside the Beltway, covering the Republic of Berkeley, and exploring the Bay Area and beyond.